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This Julie M. Tabano, RPh is a great experience everytime I go, what makes it even greater is the gentleman pharmacist at the register. It’s not every day you meet someone so enthusiastic about their job and time and time again he never fails to greet you when you walk in and have great dialogue while checking out.
They call me to let me know my Stromectol  is ready, I drive past 3 pharmacies just to come to this location. You are an inspiration with your positive personality. Thank you!

Julie M. Tabano, RPh
Address: 655 Wyckoff Ave, Wyckoff, NJ 07481, United States
Phone: +1 201-891-5373

I just got a wedding invitation over a month late. It is stamped August 29 and today is October 1st. Not thdd we first time that get date sensitive mail late or never. Also get mail belonging to a complete address , as well as my neighbors mail at times. ????

Terrible. Don’t come here if you ever want to order your meds. I am on a lot of medications in which i have to take as ordered by concord state hospital if I do not i have to go for another stay there. I would call this pharmacy on multiple occasions for med pick up. They would always tell me that I didn’t have any meds to be picked up. So of course i assume this is the error of my doctor. I call my doctor and they tell me that they were in fact called in. So i call rite T&F Pharmacy and they said oh what meds are u looking for? I said im on so many how am i supposed to call oit every one? Should have it on file right? So i told them a few of them and now all of a sudden they are there. I complained when i went to go pick them up and they tell me to sign up for text msg alerts for four months i recived one pickup notice. They are ridiculous. I’m a sick person i don’t have time or the memory to be chasing them around to buy my meds for low price. I switched pharmacies yesterday.also they did the same thing to another customer in front of me who also switched that day. I don’t know what these people think they are running here. I would not recommend this place to my worst enemy.

T&F Pharmacy
Address: 541 Cedar Hill Ave, Wyckoff, NJ 07481, United States
Phone: +1 201-485-3092

Pharmacist refused to fill a script for Stromectol  thats given monthly because “you should have 5 more days left” based on 2 months prior. Since when is it a pharmacists job to go against what my doctor prescribed. So this month I’m 5 days late to fill it because I’m following my M.D.s directions and this pharmacist decided to take it into his own hands and not fill my script wouldn’t even call the doctor when I asked no sympathy no nothing didn’t seem to care at all about anything besides what he has to do. So this will be the last time I use ACME Markets Pharmacy due to the lack of care from a person in a position that seems like all he loves about his job is the power he has behind him. So thank you pharmacist for giving me a panic attack and thinking mental health isn’t a serious problem as you clearly stated while walking away.

They never have all ur script ive been making 5 trips a week over there then u call and ask if its ready and 2 days later it wasnt im sure yall dont care whats 2 customers I dont want to order online but I will if this pharmacy cant get it together

ACME Markets Pharmacy
Address: 136 Lake Ave, Midland Park, NJ 07432, United States
Phone: +1 201-493-7055

Always go above and beyond always watching out for your health and your prescriptions

Been using ACME Markets Pharmacy for many years. The staff is always professional and accommodating with my prescriptions and questions. They always provide that “hometown” touch that the big name pharmacies just don’t have. Excellent pharmacy local mom and pop so to speak. I’m through with big Box pharmacies such as CVS Walgreens Walmart. The staff is knowledgeable Personable helpful wonderful & very friendly I highly recommend refill the Stromectol  there:)

Took them 3 day to get a prescription filled then when I got there to pick it up had to wait another 30 minutes this is not the first time I’ve had an issue with them one of the people working there tried to say we forged a prescription after my wife had surgery and would not fill it even after the doctor prescribing called and confirmed the prescription one of the people working there said my wife was just trying to get pills we were extremely offended my wife is a tattoo artist and has tattoos and piercings so I guess that makes her junkie or at least according to one of the workers there we were going to stop going there after that but it was just convenient because It was right down the road but 3 days plus another 30 minutes is not convenient from now on we will be going somewhere else I like to support hometown businesses but in this case I hope a corporate business put them out of business

De Blieck’s Pharmacy
Address: 467 High Mountain Rd, North Haledon, NJ 07508, United States
Phone: +1 973-963-3148

The prices are ridiculous nobody says anything about that? Just got a 18$ NyQuil , 32$ Mucinex and 13$ Motrin infants with 2.10$ credit card fees of course. Next time I will drive 2 miles to Walgreens Haledon.
I’ve been waiting 5 weeks on a refund from De Blieck’s Pharmacy. I paid cash in the amount of $500 and the rest went on my bank card but since I paid cash they can’t refund my money they don’t have that kind of money in the store! They don’t mind taking my money in cash to pay for Stromectol  but they can’t refund that money something is wrong here! Well I guess the next step is action 9!

The pharmacy is painfully slow in filling prescriptions. The pharmacist on staff tells me is because everyone is sick but I find it hard to believe that that many prescriptions were called in prior to mine since it was an early morning surgery. Three hours later and my prescription is still not filled.I think they get people in there to wait and shop. If it’s that busy maybe they should add staff. I would change pharmacies if my employer provided insurance. So my hands are tied.

I was in a huge hurry while my fiance was in tbe ER needing antibiotics to go home, pharmacist have great advice about the sale antibiotic and was quick to fill it I was on my way in less than 15 minutes