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I checked in at 1045 pm to get my covid shot and the lady ( blonde) was working alone and acted scatter brained. She had customers waiting and did not have any time management skills. I also think Stop & Shop Pharmacy needs two pharmacists working throughout the night because it continues to stay busy into the night. I waited one full hour before she gave me my shot. Very frustrating.

Stop & Shop Pharmacy
Address: 816 Franklin Ave, Franklin Lakes, NJ 07417, United States
Phone: +1 201-891-8706

Thank you Stop & Shop Pharmacy for being there to administer a flu shot without a hassle. Better than the rest!

The pharmacy staff are proud of their incompetence, rudeness, and unprofessionalism. Submitted a complaint with the district office and this location has more complaints than any pharmacy in the area. Had issues at this location long before Covid. It’s the culture at this particular store.

Wonderful establishment. Helped us so much when we needed buy Modafinil for our father. Stop & Shop Pharmacy staff was so kind to take the time to send us a condolence card- it made me cry. So wonderful to have a business that takes time for a personal touch like that, it meant the world to us. Thanks again
I have used this Express Scripts Inc for many years for my families prescriptions. Even after we moved across town and have another pharmacy around the corner.
Manjula (forgive spelling) is amazing! Professional, smart, kind, friendly and in general a nice person who has always gone above and beyond. Thank you!

Express Scripts Inc
Address: 100 Parsons Pond Rd, Franklin Lakes, NJ 07417, United States
Phone: +1 201-269-3400

In the beginning of October express scripts took unauthorized monies out of my account for a prescription that was not for me. Since this time I have been in constant contact attempting to receive my monies. As of yet NOTHING has happened. The first calls I was informed that the attempts to return the money to the initial card were unsuccessful. I do not understand why all the pay information has never changed. Then I was told a part check would be mail. To no avail plea or momentum as of yet I have not yet been compensated for the unauthorized withdrawal or use of my card.

It was a little understaffed in the pharmacy department on more than one occasion. Otherwise, the staff there is very welcoming and eager to help. The pharmacy staff from the last few years has been dependable and kind, and caring. I experienced a significant other’s hospice care and subsequent passing, and they went out of their way to make sure we had what we needed to keep him comfortable during his illness. I won’t forget that.

Used to be a great pharmacy/store the pharmacy closes even earlier than before now there’s a lack of stock that is annoying workers noticiably less than motivated, constant staff turnover, manager spends quite a bit of time in her car in the parking lot. Doesn’t have the same atmosphere anymore- just not my Express Scripts Inc anymore. I find myself going to other pharmacies now instead of dropping off my prescription and online shopping from my perspective especially in this economy -You vote with your dollars!.

Sicomac Long Term Care (LTC)
Address: 300 Sicomac Ave Suite 4, Wyckoff, NJ 07481, United States
Phone: +1 201-989-0757

I don’t even have words for how bad this store is! Somehow each time I visit, I end up surprised by their actions. I wish I didn’t have to frequent this location, but I do.

Great store, employees are friendly and welcoming. The pharmacy leaves some to be desired though. They are always busy which is expected but they seem to rush through customer interactions and you can feel it. Almost like asking for anything above or beyond the basic functions of their job is a burden. The Modafinil was also not covered by my insurance and no-one contacted me to tell me there was an issue with it or that I would be charged when I got in there so, I basically wasted a whole trip there as it was not able to be picked up then due to lack of funds. Multiple other times I have also had my insurance not even applied to the drug and been asked to pay exorbitant amounts of money which always takes time for them to re run the insurance to have it corrected. The western union phone there also DOES NOT WORK and NO ONE there knows how to fix it or seemed to care that it didn’t work. You will have to use your own phone to make the call so if you like the computer WU portal to send or receive I’d just go to Sicomac Long Term Care (LTC) or another pharma shop that has a working WU portal or phone.

While the location is convenient, the pharmacy is unreliable. They often don’t have relatively common prescriptions in stock, including life sustaining medications like Modafinil. And worse still, they do not let you know when they receive a prescription they don’t have stock to fill if it is received directly from the doctor. I won’t be filling any future prescriptions here…

Anita Dai, BS
Address: 409 Ramapo Valley Rd, Oakland, NJ 07436, United States
Phone: +1 201-337-2349

Very friendly staff seating if you have to wait noligable of whole store.

First off, rite aid is the only store that I’m aware of that sells this item. I drove to several pharma stores looking for this item with no luck. I even called several stores until I came across Anita Dai, BS, the store manager at this location. His store did not have this item either but, he offered to check other stores for me. He called me back the same day to tell me he found it. The following day he called me to tell me i can order the Modafinil at his store, and I could come in at any time to pick it up. Zishan was the only one to offer his help. He went above and beyond to help a customer he did not even know. He provided excellent customer service and sale by good price. In addition, he told me I could call him if I ever need this item in the future, and he’ll try and get it for me. This store is out of my way but, I will definitely shop at this location from now on! I can’t THANK Zishan enough for all his help! I would also like to add the other employees at this location were very courteous and friendly!